Mandala has a spiritual meaning defining the circle of universal life symbols that represents the soul’s language.
You can find lots of different shapes or types Mandalas in nature, in science and mathematics in a form where the Universe is communicating with you through these sacred languages  (like Fibbonacci or Golden Spirals)  ??⚛ When we create a mandala it is one of the ways of talking back to Universe.
I usually define Mandala as ‘A Soul Language’. That’s because whatever you have deep in your soul, it will come up through a design of a mandala. It will reflect of your inner light and beauty. In that manner, creating a mandala is a meditation all by itself. It is so relaxing, calming, refreshing and peaceful. Patterns, colors or symbols you use, define your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual situations that you are in at that moment. It truly allows you to connect to your higher self and receive some messages that you need in this period of your life to guide you and help to discover yourself; If you are doing it in the right way (like in a quiet place, listening to 528 hertz music, or even lighting a candle and creating a meditative environment).
Traditional Mandalas are mostly in circle shapes, starting in the center of the circle and so on ☸. You can find different kinds of Mandalas that have unique shapes and patterns, especially geometrical or even including ancient sacred symbols ?☯☣?. They help you to concentrate and keep your mind calm and peaceful.
Each Mandala you create carries your energetic signature and intention. So if you meditate on a Mandala which has been created with the intention of love and carries high vibrational light, it will radiate this energy and you can fill yourself with this radiance…