Each stone mandala pendant is intuitively and uniquely created by me. All paintings and drawings are my original one of a kind designs. They are all handmade using acrylic paints, inks or pens with extra fine tips, on hand picked authentic Mediterranean Sea Stones. No stencils are used.
Each one of them are created in a meditative state and infused with intention of Love and Energy. They can be used as jewellery or as a meditation tool.

Each piece is protected with a high quality acrylic varnish coating. It is not recommended to wear the pieces in the shower or pool.
Please use caution not to drop the pendants on a hard floor to avoid scratching the artwork. To clean, just wipe with a soft cloth.
All pendants come with an adjustable cord which fits men, woman and children.

Dimensions approximately : 3 x 4 cm
Weight : 13,5 gr.

Earth Stones and Sea Pebbles carry Mother Earth’s energy and love. I just contribute my love and intuitive creativity to these beautiful pieces of Mother Earth.

There are different shapes or types of Mandalas in nature in a form where the Universe is communicating with us through these sacred languages. When we create a mandala, it is one of the ways of talking back to the Universe. Whenever you wear this mandala necklace, you may feel connected to Earth, love and energy. I am grateful that this art work has given me an opportunity to serve humanity and the greater good, radiating love and light…..

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