Hi, I’m Dilek,

My intention is to serve to humanity for greater good with gifts and talents given to me…I lead a life of self discovery with great purpose. Part of this is by creating mandalas, guiding and teaching many spiritual facets.
This page reflects my creations and training. I serve humanity with the gifts and talents I have been given.
Life is so precious and each moment is priceless. After a couple of life challenging traumas in my life, I decided to leave my engineering career and pursue things that create wholeness and happiness. In this process these creations reveal themselves. I realize that by doing my creations and connecting to my higher self I serve humanity and radiate the light and love vibration through this gift.
I hope that these higher vibrations reach many people and the results resonate, guide and help in their healing process . I fulfill my life purpose by providing my services of being intuitive in the visionary arts and spiritual teachings.
Blessings to all. 

“I purchased a unique mandala stone necklace from Dilek’s website, and when it arrived, I was even more struck by its intricacy and beauty. She included a personal note letting me know the item had been blessed with her energies and intentions. It’s clear she works from the heart, and each piece travels with love & blessings to its intended owner. I’m grateful to have discovered her through the advertising for this year’s Mid-Winter Milling event in Almonte. Shelley Irvine Killoran”

Shelley Irvine Killoran

“I met Dilek at the Mid-Winter Milling in Almonte last weekend. She provided me with a numerology chart and extensive hand-written analysis. Dilek also explained her reading to me and I was amazed at how accurate it was at describing me. I am excited to begin my self discovery using the wisdom I gained from her reading. I would recommend her to anyone interested in revealing more about yourself and your life path.”

Karen Bretzlaff