Mandala Art

Mandala Art

Mandala has a spiritual meaning defining the circle of universal life symbols that represents the soul’s language. You can find lots of different shapes or types Mandalas in nature, in science and mathematics in a form where the Universe is

Mandala Workshop

Mandala Workshop

Mandala Paper Art Workshop!   By Dilek Cimentepe :  Coming Soon! Room for 6 participants. Event will run with minimum of 4 participants. For more details, please contact. Investment : $35 per person. Reserve and pay in advance by email money transfer

About Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Dilek, My intention is to serve to humanity for greater good with gifts and talents given to me…I lead a life of self discovery with great purpose. Part of this is by creating mandalas, guiding and teaching many

Lotus – Mandala Pendant

Lotus - Mandala Pendant

Each stone mandala pendant is intuitively and uniquely created by me. All paintings and drawings are my original one of a kind designs. They are all handmade using acrylic paints, inks or pens with extra fine tips, on hand picked

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"I purchased a unique mandala stone necklace from Dilek's website, and when it arrived, I was even more struck by its intricacy and beauty. She included a personal note letting me know the item had been blessed with her energies and intentions. It's clear she works from the heart, and each piece travels with love & blessings to its intended owner. I'm grateful to have discovered her through the advertising for this year's Mid-Winter Milling event in Almonte. Shelley Irvine Killoran"

Shelley Irvine Killoran

I met Dilek at the Mid-Winter Milling in Almonte last weekend. She provided me with a numerology chart and extensive hand-written analysis. Dilek also explained her reading to me and I was amazed at how accurate it was at describing me. I am excited to begin my self discovery using the wisdom I gained from her reading. I would recommend her to anyone interested in revealing more about yourself and your life path.

Karen Bretzlaff

"Dilek's art pieces are a magical process that are born from a deep unique presence and are presented in a profoundly detailed and skillful manner which resonates and releases individual sacred energy to each human who is lucky enough to cross paths with what she is channelling and to wear or display her one of a kind master pieces. She is the real deal and having a conversation with her is like being hugged by the cosmos. A gentle, warm, powerful and present woman."

Yesim Gumus Red Door Wellness Counsalting ON

Dilek's art is an indication of her kind, creative and reflective spirit, I am also fortunate to have a mandala necklace from her and wish her all the best with this great artistic talent.

Nilay Ertemur Ottawa Real Estate Agent

Dilek, is a Real artist and a close friend of mine is able to create stone and paperwork mandalas specific to each person by individually feelings and recognizing them from soul. She painted an ocean mandala Stone for me while I was İn a deep emotional pain and gave it to me as a necklace form. I wear my stone mandala necklace everyday and really feel the power of it has been giving to me whenever I need. As soon as I get in contact with my hypnotizing beautiful and perfectly smooth round surface of my mandala necklace, my soul filled with joyful bright shining colors and feel the enlightining excitement of ocean waves. Dilek's paintings are insanely beautiful and Iam planning to buy which I believe all of her art work are priceless more of her new fantastic works for myself and close friends. Thank you my dear Dilek for touching my soul with your soft kindness and extreme art mandala works.

Prof. Dr. Belgin Susleyici

I had a serious throat ache and hoarseness that day. After I wear the necklace that Dilek gave me. I felt better on my throat and my voice came back in a short while. I believe that has happened because of the stone has been infused with energy by Dilek. My second experience was; When Dilek gave me the colorful green jasper gemstone bracelet , I felt sensation of coolness as soon as I wear the bracelet. I do not know what that means but, after that my sleep disorder disappeared. That you for the beautiful necklace and the healing bracelet.

Ozge Adak